Chess Game

The game chess is considered as one of the high forms of the intellectual game. This is primarily due to the fact that one needs to be mentally equipped in order to be able to play the game effectively. Players must have a strategy while playing the game. And whenever the opponent takes a move, he should be mentally aware of the effects of that move and he should take into consideration all the possible moves that he could make in order to outsmart his opponent.

Each of the players of the game chess has a set of 16 chess pieces. This includes a king and queen, two bishops, two rooks, two knights and eight pawns. Each of this pieces has their own way of moving. The king moves one square in any direction. The rook can move any number of squares along a rank or file but cannot leap over other pieces. The bishop can move any number of squares diagonally but cannot leap over other pieces. The queen combines the power of the rook and the bishop. The knight moves to any of the closest squares that are not of the same rank, file or diagonal thus forming an “L-shape” and can leap over other pieces. And finally, the pawn can move forward to the unoccupied square immediately in front of it on the same file or on its first move it can advance two squares or can capture an opponent’s piece on a square diagonally in front of it.

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